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Hi, I'm Aubrey...

Favorite destination(s): Spain, Italy, and Central America

Favorite Travel Hack: I use vacuum storage bags and packing cubes to pack weeks' worth of clothes into a carry-on.


The longest flight I ever took: 1d and 4 hours (Florida to Bali) and 14 hours (Texas to Tokyo) 

As a Luxury Travel Specialist and on-air travel expert, Aubrey has great authority on all things travel. Sharing with her digital audience, everything from know-before-you-go destination facts to top travel trends to watch to providing 'direct link to book'  resources to help individuals plan their trips like a pro! 


With an impressive nearly 10-year broadcasting career as a news anchor and reporter, Aubrey made a living sharing countless stories of others, before finding purpose in sharing stories of her own and on her own terms that encourage others to travel and fill the pages of their book of life. is a travel blog designed to be a resource for travel enthusiasts who value in-depth travel content, trusted reviews, easy-to-download travel guides, and travel tip videos that make it easy to plan their next adventure.



When Aubrey is not traveling, she advocates for adopted youth. As an adoptee herself, whose closed adoption was finalized in the state of Florida, she actively supports programs and causes that benefit youth in foster care and further amplify adoptee voices.


Aubrey serves on the board of Adoptees United, an organization led by adoptees in the United States that represents the interests of all adoptees, whether domestic, intercountry, transracial, or former foster youth.

Aubrey is available for TV, Print, conference speaker/panelist, and Podcast guest opportunities: 

press bookings/ collab inquiries:

A look at Aubrey's digital footprint.

She calls her online community "Aubrey's A-Listers"

Brands I've worked with


Aubrey's expertise...


  • Solo travel tips 

  • Top travel apps 

  • Top travel websites 

  • Digital nomad/ remote work travel tips 

  • Top private jet companies (affordable and high end)

  • Luxury travel trends


  • How to launch a successful personal brand 

  • How to launch a successful online business

  • How to sell through "storytelling"

  • Organic social media marketing 

  • Best practices when operating a 'service-based' business

  • Best practices when self-representing as a creative/creator

  • Top Travel destinations by month 

  • Travel trends by demand  (international/domestic)

  • Top trusted travel products to buy 

  • How to travel year-round with your PTO

  • Top hotels by destination (international/domestic)

On Camera talent 

  • Aubrey can speak with authority on travel trends and reports

  • Aubrey can speak with authority on how to successfully transition one's career from TV journalist to Travel Professional 

  • Aubrey can speak with authority on how to captivate an audience through authentic storytelling 

  • Aubrey can speak with authority on self-production and content creation.... how to get "the shot" when you are "solo". 

We worked with Aubrey...

"Aubrey was great to work with for our in-state campaign, which was part of our overall COVID rebound campaign, highlighting staycations, hidden gems in Florida and experiences that Floridians have right in their own backyards. Aubrey's social coverage was provided in a very timely manner. She has a great eye when it comes to images and showcasing the destinations that she visits." - VISIT FLORIDA PR 
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