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“Experience The Ultimate Animal Encounter: Staying At Giraffe Manor In Fredericksburg, Texas”

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Have Your Trip To Fredericksburg Planned By A Professional!

Experience all that Fredericksburg has to offer with a custom itinerary tailor made for you.

Hi babes from Fredericksburg, Texas!

This is my first time visiting the area and I am so excited to bring you along with me as we explore this German influenced town and stay in the now viral suite located at Longneck Manor!

Animal lovers rejoice! I found your newest obsession!

Fun Facts About Fredericksburg, Texas

Fredericksburg is internationally adored for its antiquated German charm and delightful old-world style. From beirgartens to crafts, this town is a must visit.

  • Fredericksburg is home to the largest wildflower farm in the country.

  • Named after Prince Frederick of Prussia.

  • There are over 15 vineyards in Fredericksburg.

One of the more famous individuals from Fredericksburg was Chester Nimitz, a Navy vice admiral and submarine commander who was Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet during World War II.

How do I get there?

Fredericksburg is a city in central Texas, with a population of a little over 11,000 residents, and is known for its wineries.

The manor sits in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, the town of Fredericksburg is actually closer to Austin and San Antonio, distance wise, putting you less than an hour and 30 mins away from the manor.

We drove about 3 hours from Houston to Fredericksburg. I highly recommend stopping by a Buc-ees during your trip, its like a gas station but on steroids ha ha

Long Neck Manor at a glance

During my visit to Longneck Manor I stayed in their Giraffe Suite, a unique and luxurious accommodation that’s perfectly positioned inside the giraffe barn and can sleep up to 4 people. The 1,200 sq. ft. suite comes with a living room, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom.

  • Min. two night stay for the Giraffe Suite

  • Regular Season: $1,300/night plus tax

  • Holidays: $1,500/night plus tax

I LOVED the attention to detail when it came to the decor of the suite. Whether it was the sign in book by the door or the photography on the wall or the figurines on display in the kitchen. Throughout the suite you’ll find giraffe’s and its the cutest thing!

Not to mention, they have the wifi info easily displayed next to a bowl of candy, if you’re traveling with kids the candy bowl is sure to be a HIT!

I also appreciated the items available in the fridge when we arrived, from wine to orange juice to water and cheese and meats for lite bites. Very thoughtful touch for sure!

The room is super spacious and comes with a king bed in the master and a pull out sofa in the living room making it more than comfortable for a group of 4 to sleep and stay.

The master is special in the fact that while you’re relaxing in bed the giraffe’s can come up to the window and you have the best view ever to see them right from the barn.

I loved the wood finish and the hard wood flooring. The bed was super comfy and complete with a USB charger and outlets in the wall to easily charge your devices.

A unique feature found in the suite is this small door where you can feed the giraffe’s from the tiny opening. Making for a special interactive moment with the animals.

We were able to do this with the manor owner by our side as he explained how the animals arrive to the manor from all over the country and the different personality quirks that the giraffe’s have.

The manor owner, Rick, has a passion for animals and adecades long career in wildlife conservation.

He is super knowledgable about the animals and loves what he does. It was so nice to meet him and learn more about these gentle giants from an expert.

This 100+ acre animal conservation is home to giraffe’s, rhino’s, and even a pet sloth!

Not to be confused with a Zoo as this place is far from it and even more special in its mission to help the animals that call Longneck Manor home.

The animals that you find at Longneck Manor were actually said to have been bred in captivity and hail from the Dallas Zoo, San Diego Zoo and the White Oak Rhino Conservation in Florida.

Beyond that, Longneck Manor is organized as a nonprofit, which donates proceeds to conservation groups that protect endangered species in the wild.

They also have a Conservation Ambassador Tour that last about an hour and provides close up encounters with giraffes and rhinos.

Tours are held twice a day Monday through Sunday, at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The Manor has expert keepers on their team that often facilitate the day tours and as a guest staying in the suite, they give you a special 1:1 tour for an up close experience with the rhino’s and the giraffe’s and even the pet sloth as part of your stay.

The keepers are sooo knowledgable about the animals and have truly found some creative ways to make the tours and experience overall one to remember.

One being, while spending time with the giraffe’s you can paint with them….yes, you read that right! The keeper will drip non toxic paint onto a canvas, along with snacks that the animal can eat from the canvas, and as the animal is feasting they are painting a masterpiece at the same time without even knowing.

Once your painting is done and fully dried, you are able to take it home with you and they include a photo of the giraffe as the ‘artist’.

If you are looking to visit for a romantic getaway or a trip with the family, this moment is special for sure!

Where to dine

Right now (2023) the manor doesn’t have a restaurant or eatery on property. They do however have a book located near the door filled with amazing recommendations of where to go for dinner, where to shop in town, visit a winery, the list goes on.

The manor is in the process of expanding as we speak, so no shock if they do end up offering food on site at some point.

We decided to take them up on their recommendation for dinner and went into town to an asian fusion restaurant and the food was delish! The distance isn’t far at all, we traveled maybe 10 minutes tops.

Keep in mind, this was a road trip for us, so we had a vehicle at our disposal, if you aren’t traveling by car, perhaps a ride sharing service would be helpful or you can ask the guest services team for referrals of cab drivers too.

Final thoughts ...

Overall I had an amazing time visiting Fredericksburg and loved staying at Longneck Manor. I highly recommend booking your reservation in advance as they book up quickly for the giraffe suite.

I got lucky and was able to secure a reservation for my birthday, merely because someone canceled their stay for that week. *talk about crazy luck and timing*

Fredericksburg is a great area to explore for its rich history and old town vibes and the manor is perfect for groups of all ages!

Comment below with any other travel related questions that you may have! Hope this post is helpful for you as you plan your next trip.

Have your trip to Texas planned by a professional!

Experience all that Texas has to offer with a custom itinerary tailor made for you.


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